Regulatory Structure

A focused, value-added insurance domicile designed for insurers, administrators, and insurance managers in specialized segments of the insurance industry

Laws and Regulations Specific to Target Market Segments


The Focus

  •  Allied Reinsurance Company (ARC) for reinsurers owned by vehicle dealers, agents, and other specialized producers, such as rent-to-own stores, that reinsure products sold through allied entities where such insurance is reinsured to the ARC through an independent fronting insurer. Examples: vehicle service contracts, GAP, and other vehicle loan-related protection products and vehicle protection products reinsured into a reinsurer allied with a vehicle dealership, a.k.a. producer-owned reinsurance companies (PORC) or producer-affiliated reinsurance companies (PARC). 
  • Commercial insurance policies only with one extension to allow reinsurance of credit-related insurance products such as credit life, disability, involuntary unemployment, and credit property insurance.

Regulatory Principles

  • Insureds that are corporately allied with the ultimate risk-taker do not need the same regulatory protection structure designed for consumer-level insurance transactions.
  • The marketplace behavior, the financial transactions, and the financial solvency of these insurers are already closely monitored by the A-rated U.S. ceding insurers, product administrators, insurance managers, and the IRS.



  • Domicile structure and operation designed for 2014 and beyond, not 1980 and before.
  • Readable laws and regulations drafted to accommodate product evolution and expansion.
  • Electronic-based regulatory interaction.
  • Annual conference to interact with industry.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Easy redomestication.

List of Insurers Willing to Cede to ARCs within The Tribal Domicile Grows

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