Service Providers

There are several organizations either currently doing business with The Tribal Domicile or currently willing and qualified to do business with The Tribal Domicile. They Are Listed Below.

Insurance Companies

The following insurance companies are willing to cede business to companies domiciled in The Tribal Domicile.

  • Assurant

  • Bankers Life of Louisiana, a Fortegra Financial Company

  • Century Automotive Service Corporation, a MAPFRE Company

  • Courtesy Insurance Company, a JM&A Group Company

  • Insurance Company of the South, a Fortegra Financial Company

  • Life of the South Insurance Company, a Fortegra Financial Company

  • Lyndon Southern Insurance Company, a Fortegra Financial Company

  • Pekin Insurance

  • Plateau Insurance Company / Plateau Casualty Insurance Company

  • Response Indemnity Company of California, a Fortegra Financial Company

  • Southern Financial Life Insurance Company, a Fortegra Financial Company

  • Wesco Insurance Company, an AmTrust Financial Company

Licensed Insurance Managers

The following insurance managers are approved to form and redomesticate companies in The Tribal Domicile.

  • Buckeye Dealership Consulting
  • Caprock Services Group, LLC
  • Fortegra Financial Insurance Group
  • Gerald B. Farlow & Associates, Ltd.
  • GPW and Associates, Inc.
  • Lodestar Re, Inc.
  • The Plateau Group, Inc.
  • Reinsurance Associates, LLC
  • SideCars, Inc.
  • Strategic Administration Group, Inc.
  • Strategic Risk Alternatives, LLC
  • Sutterfield Financial Group, Inc.

Financial Institutions

The following financial institutions are willing to do business with companies domiciled in The Tribal Domicile.

For a complete list of providers or to request contact information for a specific company, please contact us at 620.877.4694

List of Insurers Willing to Cede to ARCs within The Tribal Domicile Grows

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